weekly markets view 2019/09/22

This the weekly updated analysta markets analysis. Here we look at some of the world’s most-important assets to give you an idea of ​​current developments in the following markets: DJ WALL STREET 30, NIKKEI JAPAN 225, GOLD, Bitcoin, WTI (OIL), COPPER, PLATINUM, and PALLADIUM. Bitcoin analysis and forecast for current week Every week we look […]

intraday update for NIKKEI, S&P 500, USD/JPY, EUR/CHF, BRENT (OIL), NATURAL GAS, GOLD and Bitcoin

update for intraday trading The graph shows today`s charts of JP225USD in correlation to NIKKEI 225 Japan Index, SPX500USD in correlation to US S&P 500 Index, USDJPY Currency Pair Ratio, EURCHF Currency Pair Ratio, BCOUSD in correlation to Brent Crude Oil, NATGASUSD in correlation to Natural Gas Index on Henry Hub, XAUUSD in correlation to […]

Currency Pair analysis and forecast

US Dollar Currency Index analysis and forecast This is our weekly US Dollar Currency Index analysis. Please check the analysta market forecast table for daily updates. The trend for the next week is LONG which means the main direction is upward. The weekly targets are marked green, monthly targets are marked yellow. Is there currently […]