intraday update for NIKKEI, FTSE, USD/JPY, EUR/CHF, BRENT (OIL), NATURAL GAS, GOLD and Bitcoin

The graph shows the weekly and daily charts of JP225USD in correlation to NIKKEI 225 Japan Index, UK100GBR in correlation to FTSE UK Index, USDJPY Currency Pair Ratio, EURCHF Currency Pair Ratio, BCOUSD in correlation to Brent Crude Oil, NATGASUSD in correlation to Natural Gas Index on Henry Hub, XAUUSD in correlation to Gold Price […]

investing opportunities for daytraders

AU200AUD We have just discovered a new investing opportunity in our daily market forecast for daytraders: AU200AUD in correlation to ASX200 Australia 200 Index just seems to built a new reversal SHORT signal for trading. Please check the analysta market forecast table for daily updates. ASX200 Australia 200 Index is probably a trademark of it`s […]